Creating a fresh identity for a new product range

Marshalls asked us to come up with a new identity for their range of natural stone products. They needed it to work across a family of ranges; it had to be instantly recognisable and easily adapted.

We decided the branding had to provide a strong base on which to highlight their fantastic photography, allowing the focus to truly be on the product.

Utilising clean lines and bold yet simple design, we created the Natural Stone brand. One of the key elements being a horizontal line in Marshalls red, to symbolise how the stone is used horizontally.

We applied the new identity across the design of a A4 brochure and bespoke binder. The binder was to be used on the road by sales representatives, so it needed to be able to take a knock or two! The design for both of these feature highly image-led sections with inspiration pages and product swatches, to really help with the selling process.

The new identity was then used to refresh other product ranges, including Masonry & Facades. In this case the red line was placed vertically, to represent how these products were applied vertically.

Feedback was immensely positive and our work informed the look and feel of other product ranges within Marshalls' portfolio.

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