Who we are

We are a multi-service marketing agency that builds relationships with clients and suppliers alike. Our team is the key to aiding our customers’ success.

Proactive thinkers and often-reactive doers, we are always looking for the next opportunity to help our clients.

We are a team of individuals, working with businesses and brands across a growing variety of industries. We are eagerly learning, evolving and progressing as a team every day.

We are made up of creatives, marketers, designers, strategists, tea-drinkers…the list goes on.

We work hard to build lasting relationships that enable you to sell more products, overcome challenges and grow market share. Making you look better than your competition along the way.

Ideas together, results for you.

Our clients

Our group

Shark benefits from being part of the Waddington & Ledger Group. A group that creates and produces marketing collateral for the majority of market sectors across all print media.

Incorporated in 1912, Waddington & Ledger Print is now trusted by both regional and global brands to produce campaign work on time and on budget.

Marketing, Print & Direct Mail is the group’s print management resource. They will ‘always find a way’ to ensure even the most complex print media campaign is produced efficiently. They work across a varied network of contacts and production disciplines to achieve this.

Shark has direct access to this production talent and expertise all under the same roof.