Bespoke giveaway for an annual event

Solina host an annual themed grill event to showcase what insights each of their local teams have gathered throughout the year.  For ‘Grill 2020’ we created bespoke giveaways that showcased that year’s theme of ‘Burgers’ in an engaging and fun way.

There were 6 different countries involved in this event, each had created their own showstopper burger.

We designed a burger-shaped concertina folded brochure that sat inside a shaped foam board case.

The brochure had step-by-step recipe instructions, along with an illustration for each of the finished burgers.  We also included a QR code that took the user to a video of the burger being made by Solina chefs. In order to make all videos consistent, we edited them to include background music and instructional copy as the burger was being made.

Email footers were also designed that were used by all Solina staff. Additional packs were produced to be given out to prospects at future exhibitions.

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